The Connected Structure

The Humn Connected Structure is a new generation business tokenizing its private equity, supply chain, and payments; offering the first ever highly scalable, 100% shared business platform.

Connected Ownership

Humn Connected Ownership is powered by the next internet. Its foundation is built on distributed ledger technology enabling it to programmatically manage asset classes offering a new generation of realized digital value to its token holders.

Connected Finance

Humn Connected Finance is programmatically executed by shared trade smart contracts. Exchange occurs from the point of sale and is distributed autonomously to owners and operators of the structure.

Connected Management

Humn Connected Management delivers machine layer trust through a streaming sensor network and intelligently learns to deploy consensus to the distributed ledger. Smart contract and payment conditions are seamlessly network managed and routed.

Connected Quality

Humn Connected Quality is integrated with the streaming network relaying genetics-to-consumer consensus to the distributed ledger. The network is essential to offering product life information to our customers and, governing key compliance metrics ensuring the highest quality standards are achieved.